Christian Zang



Dendrobox is an interactive online tool for exploring the International Tree-Ring Data Base.


treeclim is an R-package for numerical calibration of proxy-climate relationships. Get the stable release from CRAN or the development version from GitHub. A vignette outlining the major functionality is also available (Rmd source).

treeclim's predecessor is bootRes, which is now in feature freeze state. If you still use bootRes, consider switching to treeclim, it's faster, and much more flexible!


tusk is an R-package for interpolation and downscaling from commonly used gridded climate data. Currently, tusk supports CRU TS 3.22, CRU TS 3.21, SPEIbase v.2.2, and scPDSI from Dai 2011.


pdsi allows calculating the (sc)PDSI drought index from within R.


I am contributing to dplR, the standard R-package for dendrochronology.

And I wrote several other smaller R-packages, that are available on GitHub. These include: